1. bear, bear up, upbear, hold, hold up, uphold, truss, truss up; prop, prop up, brace, bolster, bolster up, buttress, gird, stay, mainstay; carry, shoulder, keep up, crutch, shore, shore up, reinforce, re-strengthen; bed, embed, base, be at the bottom of, form the foundation of, underlie, underprop, underpin, underbrace; cradle, pillow; buoy, buoy up, keep afloat.
2. suffer, bear, tolerate, stomach, brook, abide, Archaic. bide, put up with, Inf. stand or stand for, Inf. lump or lump it, Inf. love it or leave it; endure, persevere, withstand, brave, accept, resign oneself to, take what comes, hold out, Inf. stick or stick it out, Sl. hang in or hang in there or hang tough; undergo, experience, submit to.
3. succor, relieve, comfort, condole, sympathize; cheer, inspire, inspirit, assure, reassure, give or raise hope, yield or afford hope, hold out or justify hope, raise one's hopes or expectations.
4. maintain, sustain, nurse, nourish, nurture, cherish, foster, mother; provide or provide for, keep, keep alive, care for, take care of, look after, take charge or under one's wing, see after, see or look to, Inf. look or watch out for; watch, mind, tend, keep an eye on,, watch over, keep watch over.
5. finance, pay for, subsidize, underwrite, fund, sponsor, capitalize, provide money for, put up the money for, set up, meet the expense, Inf. foot the bill, Inf. bankroll, Inf. pick up the check or tab, Inf. stake, grubstake, Inf. angel.
6. encourage, abet, further, forward, uphold, back, second; help, aid, assist, oblige, accommodate, lend oneself to; hearten, enhearten, embolden, pat [s.o.] on the back, Inf. buck up or brace up.
7. advocate, promote, patronize, espouse, sanction, countenance, recommend, commend, speak well or highly or warmly of, have or put in a good word for, puff, Sl. plug, Sl. tout, Sl. hype, sing the praises of; fall in with, join oneself to, associate oneself with, lend one's name to, take the part of, take up or espouse or adopt the cause of; speak for, contend for, argue for, stand up for, side with or take sides with, stand behind; shield, protect, defend, champion, take up the cudgels for, Inf. stick up for, Inf. run interference for, Fig. block for, Inf. go to bat for.
8. confirm, affirm, verify, validate, certify, authenticate, accredit, attest, vouch for, swear to, warrant, guarantee, endorse, ratify; corroborate, circumstantiate, substantiate, bear out, make good.
9. prop, underprop, base, fulcrum, Archit. socle, abutment, truss, frame; basis, bed, bedding, sill, substructure, foundation, underbuilding, underpinning, groundwork, embankment; brace, bracer, bolster, bracket, stay, mainstay, buttress, shoulder, reinforcement; beam, crossbeam, joist, rafter, girder, lintel, arm; post, pillar, column, upright, shaft, pole, shore, strut, stanchion; rope, cable, guy, guywire, guy-line.
10. maintenance, sustenance, subsistence, sustain-ment, sustentation, upkeep, keep, provision, living, livelihood; nurture, nourishment, nutriment, alimentation, mothering, tender loving care, Inf. TLC; provisions, stores, necessities, food, victuals, aliment, meat, bread, daily bread; economic or price support, subsidy, subsidization, subvention, compensation, dole, Brit. Sl. brew, welfare, relief, charity, handout; bounty, means; alimony.
11. advocate, patron, patronizer, sympathizer, back-er, champion, endorser, upholder, maintainer, sustained bearer, carrier, sanctioner, approver; subsidizer, underwriter, benefactor, benefactress, angel, financer.
12. backing, approval, approbation, advocacy, encouragement, countenance, favor, espousal, patronage, promotion, blessing, grace, sponsorship, auspices, good offices, kind regard; fosterage, furtherance, advancement, advance, advantage, welfare; help, aid, assistance, helping hand, lift, boost; relief, succor, championship, protection, friendship.
13. helper, aide, assistant, attendant, subsidiary, ancilla, auxiliary, second, right hand, right-hand man, acolyte, deputy; partner, ally, comrade, colleague, associate, consociate, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, co-worker, consort, confrere, sidekick, crony, Inf. buddy, Chiefly Brit. mate; cooperator, collaborator, contributor, participant, participator.

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